At the age of eighteen I had just finished my first term at university in Liverpool, England and was looking for a fresh challenge for the summer. I had travelled since an early age and love new adventures, so I started investigating the possibility of working abroad.

When I looked at all the different options one that appealed was going to the USA and becoming a camp counsellor. I thought the placement would offer me a great opportunity to learn new skills, meet new people and travel whilst integrating into a new and exciting society.

After working at the summer camp I decided to take a ‘Gap Year’ intergrating working, travelling and volunteering abroad. The only problem was all the volunteer placements were very expensive for what they offered.

I decided to gather recommendations from people on their own gap years, about free and cheap volunteering positions all around the world which is where the inspiration for this website came from. I created this website to act as an independent guide to help other people thinking about working or travelling abroad.